drinking BEER

BELOW ZERO DEGREES is a revolutionary technology that enhances the crispness of a beer's taste through a frosting process. It heightens every beer drinker's drinking experience. It doesn't change or mask one's beer's distinct flavor but allows the beer's true flavors to pull through, making it more pronounced.

Beer Below Zero is not a new brand of beer nor is it a variant of one's old brand. It is still your favorite beer. The difference is how it is kept at its most desirable temperature - ice cold but not frozen. Now isn't beer best at this state?

The technology has been made perfect through extensive research and development with refrigeration engineers and chemists. Using a scientific approach, they've perfected the recipe of your "perfect beer", cold but still liquid and easy to drink. Consistency is the defining characteristic of this process.

Introduced in Manila by beer connoisseurs and bar owners Luigi Nuñez, Vinson Co Say and Jay-jay Angala, Beer Below Zero Degrees has raised the drinking pleasure to new heights.

With more than 300 outlets worldwide, BBZ is now considered as one of the most sought after F&B Value Added Service in the "beer world" today.